Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Considered the finest museum in all of Europe for sculptures, mosaics, frescos, bronzes and glassware from the ancient Roman world, this huge museum was a highlight of the trip. It's too big to visit in one go, though, and we unfortunately had to skip some interesting galleries.




After lunch we took a walk to visit the superb Museo Archeologico Nazionale with its stunning collection of Roman artworks and artifacts from the excavated cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Here we paused along the way to take a photo of this lovely hotel lobby.

Here we passed this beautiful classical façade on an old (abandoned?) church.



Many of the mosaics show a lively sense of humour.


It's easy to forget to admire the museum's gorgeous building itself, when walking through the galleries.



Basilica Santa Chiara

The  Basilica di Santa Chiara and its adjoining cloisters are two of the most important medieval sites in Naples. Built by the Angevin rules in the 14th century, it has suffered earthquakes and war damage which gutted the church and destroyed many fine artworks. Today it is a peaceful sanctuary from the boisterous streets outside.

The tower commenced building in 1328 but wasn't finished until the Renaissance period.




























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